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Give Your Wedding a Dash of Uniqueness With Ice Cream Vans For Hire

Your Wedding is indeed one of those days that you would want to remember forever. It marks the union of two people who are meant to be together for a lifetime. . The couple wants to ensure that every single arrangement is set to perfection and there remains no room for error on this day. If you feel that there is something that is missing out or something that needs to be done differently, ice cream vans for hire in Surrey is undoubtedly your thing. You have no idea how well you can use an ice cream van at your wedding. Read on to know-


Wedding photography

We all love perfect clicks! Especially when it is wedding, every snap needs to be accurate. Professional photographers are hired for the reason and an ice cream van staged in your wedding venue can be used in numerous ways; even as a prop for the photoshoot. You can also hire vintage ice cream vans and shoot with it. Trust our words; there will be no match to this unique addition to your wedding.

Thematic addition

Theme weddings are a trend these days; and this is why a vintage ice cream van truly does wonders. Your vintage theme wedding in a church will get all thumbs up if it’s coupled with an ice cream van that matches the decor and theme. Guests will find the arrangement a lot more interesting, and it is needless to say that ice creams served in those vans will enchant taste buds beyond limits.

If you are in Hampshire or Surrey, Hampshire Ices is your go-to option for ice cream vans for hire service. Our vans are eco-friendly and will add charm to your event. Not just by the looks, we assure delivery of ice creams that taste amazing and, not to forget, are the widest varieties of gelatos that we have on offer. Give us a call and hear us out today!