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Ice Cream Vans- The Essential Sound Of Summer Fading Out?

Nothing can be more evocative as the memory of childhood greed triggered by the waltzing chime of ice cream vans heard from several streets away. These ice cream vans are truly an intrinsic part of the British culture, cheerful, cheap and at the same time truly unpretentious. However, the ice-cream culture is transforming in the country and according to reports, there is a growth in the number of ice cream parlours on British High Streets.


The ice cream vans are moving out of tune with the changing times. It has substantially harmful emission for the environment. In order to keep the onboard freezers active, these vans need to keep their engines turned on throughout the time and it leads to the emission of black carbon and nitrogen dioxide. Such idling vehicles near schools and public spaces are being banned due to the pollution they cause. However, newfangled competition cannot remove the ice cream vans completely because they are evolving too. Newer generations do not need to completely miss out on the charms of Mr. Whippy and Ice lollies because zero-pollution ice cream vans are here. Yes, you heard it right!

Hampshire Ices in Surrey have come up with such vans that do not emit any harmful toxins. While the ice-cream bars keep doing great in the market, Hampshire Ices, with their ice cream vans have ensured that the old school charm lives forever. If you have an event coming up, Hampshire Ices can serve you with mouth-watering ice creams. Such vans in your event location will enhance the overall attraction of the place and at the same time, you will get great ice creams. Additionally, you can also opt to book for a vintage ice cream van if you have a classic themed event and you would love the attention your event garners with such a van parked right in your lawn. If you are planning for your next party with an ice cream van in mind, call Hampshire Ices.