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Vintage Ice Cream Van For Hire- Let Your Wedding Be Reminiscent Of The Old Days

We all are fond of the vintage look more than any other trend present in the event industry. It is one such theme which every person would be delighted to have for their wedding because it stands out from the rest and has an essence of nostalgia. Having the right properties to bring the theme to life is essential, and event coordinators work out every detail to get things right. Amidst all of this, how about opting for a vintage ice cream van for hire?Well, the idea will surely get a loud cheer because it will be a great fit in your vintage themed wedding! With Hampshire Ices in Surrey offering amazing ice cream vans for events, you will be subjected to a wide range of benefits by hiring one of them. Here they are-


Continuous supply

Ice creams will never run out of stock at your event, no matter how many guests you have for the day and how much they eat! We will ensure your stocks are always full and every guest coming to the van will get the ice cream of his/her choice.

Wide variety

You will get a wide variety of flavours such as the ones listed below-

  • • Caramel Fudge in Clotted Cream
  • • Black Currants in Clotted Cream
  • • Honey and Stem Ginger
  • • Honey Comb
  • • Mr. Whippy
  • • Gluten-free sorbets
  • • Ice Lollies

Your event will be grand with vintage look; and, thematically arranged ice cream van will only make it even better. Hampshire Ices has some of the best ice cream vans for hire, and, each of our vans are environment friendly. For more information, delay no more and get in touch with us today.